Monday, February 17, 2014

What’s Gender Got to Do with It? Coming Out Genderqueer

Personally, I don’t go around trumpeting that my female form doesn’t match my (gay) male soul. I’m a biological female who identifies as genderqueer – so what? Yet it’s also no secret that I spent years in a relationship with a gay-for-pay escort (and even wrote a memoir about it), living as close to a male homosexual experience as my biology would allow. That defines my POV. So when I’m asked about being a female writer or filmmaker – or female anything – I take that as an opportunity to clarify that I can only speak on my response to society’s treatment of someone it sees as female. (As is expected since I staunchly refuse to alter my outsides to match my insides simply to make myself fit in with the population at large. Or, as my hero(ine) Eddie Izzard says, “I didn’t jump out of a not-wearing-dress box into a have-to-wear-dress box.” As for what women want? Ask Izzard.)

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