Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Queer Theory: Sex and the Other Gender

“New York” magazine recently ran an article by Mark Harris called "The Gay Generation Gap," in which he describes that chasm perhaps best summarized as the binary thinking of the old versus the non-thinking of the new. As Harris rightly notes, "There's nothing duller than a young gay man whose curiosity about the world doesn't appear to extend past his iPod." While the lack of critical thinking skills in both old and young is disheartening, as a genderqueer person balanced between both gender and the gap (as a 39-year-old gay man in a bio female body I'm on the young side of Harris's 45 divide, though not by much) I found myself rooting for the bubble brains if only in self-interest.

To read the rest visit my Sex Beat column at Carnal San Francisco.

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Don Arrup said...

I took my sexual ques from the hippies who you loved to hate (well, disdain might be more accurate). They were and are the only group that truly preached (and they did preach) to do your own thing. Find the sexuality that is your natural expression. Don't define yourself or others. Not only is desire mercurial and mysterious at any given time but any growing person is changing in their sexuality with time.
Physically, gender is a balance in the body. All fetuses are female for a while. The Y chromosome from what we can tell only slightly alters a few characteristics of the all encompassing X. We all have estrogen and testosterone in a unique balance that fluctuates with diet, mindset and within the 28 day cycle all sex hormones have. We are each a slightly different balance of this yin and yang in constant flux.
Why do we define our sexuality by the other (be it who we want or who we are not like) to begin with?