Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Working Girls (and Boy): Our Five Favorite Movie Hookers

I’m a big fan of the Catholic Church’s consistency. The pope may be anti-abortion but he’s also staunchly against capital punishment. I wish a lot of the most vocal, left wing feminists would take a lesson from the Church. Lately, with the presidential election around the corner the political rallying cry in the Steinem circle has been about those inevitable Supreme Court appointments either Obama or McCain will have to make. Yet many of those same feminists who fear the overturning of Roe v. Wade, want Uncle Sam to keep his hands off their bodies, aren’t the least bit outraged that prostitution is still illegal in 21st century U.S.A. The fact that the government legislates mutually consenting behavior that grown women (and men) engage in behind closed doors if an exchange of money is involved is the ultimate manifestation of government touching our private parts. Not to mention a waste of tax dollars that easily could go to funding Planned Parenthood instead of the vice squad.

So for all those unapologetically shameless hustlers and hussies (and their johns) who will also be going to the polls next month this Spout column is for you.

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