Monday, July 9, 2007

Recipe For Disaster

Fundamentalism is fundamentalism, whether religious or nationalistic. The Nazis believed it was better to die than to live in a world without National Socialism, much like the ideology behind the suicide bombers of extreme Islam. It’s the belief system of the lazy, not wanting to do the work of living in the gray. To counteract this, words should be used to shed light on truth (which is why I have such a loathing of academia, filled with leftist intellectuals like Noam Chomsky and his ilk who selfishly hide behind words like magicians whose tricks rely on confusing the masses instead of enlightening them) and differences embraced – so taboo in an American culture where Democrats fight to prove they are just as “moral” as Republicans while gays proclaim the same “family values” as straights. Everyone is so busy trying to define themselves on someone else’s terms instead of creating their own truthful terms. Everyone is thinking inside the same claustrophobic box – a recipe that extremists from Hitler to Bin Laden used well.

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Renge said...

Extremism to one side or the other is detrimental.